Step 1: Review the Prospectus Form (see below)
Step 2: Fill out the Entry Form and prepare image files
Step 3: Upload Files
Step 4: Payment (for Non-Canadian artists)


Review the Prospectus Form (below), then download and complete the Entry Form (below). Save this completed form file with your images. Note: Image file names should be included in the Entry Form, under each image detail. You are now ready to upload.

Step 2: UPLOAD FILES [Images and completed Entry Form]

We prefer using WeTransfer ( to submit your image files and completed copy of your Entry Form. This will allow us and you to see a record when files are downloaded. It’s a free service with a 7 day expiry.

You will not need to create an account with WeTransfer, just choose to upload and email files.

  • Upload Files: Simply drag all your files to the window.
  • Email to:
  • Your email: add your email.
  • Title: FIRST & LAST NAME
  • Message: OPT 2024
Step 3: PAYMENT for Non-Canadian Artists

If you are applying OUTSIDE of Canada, there is a $40 CDN entry fee. We use Square to process fees.

Click the link below to go to our Square shop, add an entry fee to cart and follow the directions to pay.

Once we have your files and payment (if applicable), we will email you a confirmation that everything is received.